Logistics Optimization Experts at Your Service

From consulting and analytics to onboarding, training and support, the experts at Sci-Log are passionate about helping your team optimize distribution operations. As your trusted advisors, our supply chain specialists are here every day to ensure you enjoy the freedom of vehicle routing in the cloud.


Experts in leveraging the Sci-Log cloud technology to rapidly model and optimize supply chain decisions, our analysts can serve as an extension of your in-house logistics strategy and analysis team.  Sci-Log has helped numerous firms evaluate a rich range of business scenarios including distribution network and territory design, merger studies, the impact of new customer volume, changes to truck or driver characteristics, delivery service vs. delivery cost tradeoffs, fixed route design, shuttle site network optimization, fleet sizing, delivery day workload balancing, and what-if routing strategies.  And we are known for rapid turnaround of highly accurate scenario evaluations at reasonable consulting fees.


Sci-Log has developed a proven methodology for rapidly deploying route planning solutions for new clients. Our “health diagnostic” establishes a baseline of the current business, including an audit to identify and weed out bad data and anecdotal business rules, and a model calibration  to ensure an accurate representation of your true delivery or distribution system.  Sci-Log experts also help firms implement clean data connections to and from the Sci-Log cloud.


Tired of knowing more about your routing software than your routing vendor’s support team?   Tired of owning the burden of making on-premise routing software actually work?   Sci-Log personnel are experts in designing and configuring solutions that best fit your requirements.  And our Software as a Service (SaaS) subscription approach naturally keeps Sci-Log experts close to your ongoing business activities and changes to requirements — allowing Sci-Log to be a ready extension to your distribution team.