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Session Highlights Switch to Cloud-Based Route Planning Software

Atlanta and Las Vegas – April 11, 2018 – Scientific Logistics, the first highly automated cloud-based routing and scheduling solution, will review new Pepsi bottler clients and benefits realized at the annual Pepsi-Cola Bottler Association 2018 HR/IT Conference in Las Vegas this week.

The session entitled The Next Generation of Cloud-Based Delivery Route Planning Software provides an overview of benefits achieved by replacing legacy routing software with the modern Sci-Log cloud-based routing system. Pepsi bottlers recently switching to Sci-Log’s cloud–based route optimization solution include WP Beverages, Corwin Beverages, Gillette Pepsi, and LinPepCo. These innovative bottlers cover territories across the U.S. from the mid west to the west coast.

With Sci-Log, Pepsi bottlers are running more efficient delivery routes, with better delivery schedules and sequences, even using custom business rules. Additional benefits of Sci-Log’s next generation solution include state of the art maps and transit calculations, reduced planning effort, and outstanding client support.

“With our cloud-based solution, route planning software can finally be fit to the business needs, instead of the business needs shoehorned into the limitations of legacy software,” stated Bill Nulty, CEO of Scientific Logistics.

The Pepsi-Cola Bottler Association conference draws IT leaders, as well as COOs, GMs and CFOs representing independent Pepsi bottling franchises across the U.S., along with PepsiCo North America Beverages (PNAB) and its company-owned bottling contingent. The attendees benefit from sharing best-practices, challenges, successes, new technologies, and ideas that challenge the status quo.

About Scientific Logistics (Sci-Log)

Sci-Log has ignited a revolution in delivery management by leveraging the latest technology advancements and years of supply chain experience to develop the first true cloud routing and scheduling solution. Industry leaders are switching to Sci-Log to benefit from highly automated and optimized delivery route planning integrated with last mile supply chain network design. With Sci-Log’s enterprise design, contemporary user interfaces, automated workflow orchestration and the industry’s most advanced optimization algorithms, customers decrease routes and miles by 5-20%, reduce distribution costs, shrink planning effort, improve service, and gain more business control from standardized processes. Learn more at